Hurray, the sun is out, school is out and everyone us finally relaxing! No more school, no more teachers and no more homework - at least not for a few more weeks. The first thing your children probably want to do is chill. However, parents must also use this precious time as a chance to grow. 

Before you feel guilty for sending your little ones away to summer camp, check out these six benefits your child will gain while away.

Become More Independent

Your child can practice making their own decisions without parental guidance. Children are able to grow a sense of independence by learning how to make positive choices and can witness, firsthand, the consequences of making a negative choice. Their independence will help develop their problem solving skills.

Unplug From Technology

Technology is a curse and a blessing. Children now have literally everything in the palm of their hands. Summer camp will allow your child to unplug from technology and assist in finding other outlets.

Appreciate Their Household Luxuries

Sometimes children can get wrapped up with their privileges and lose sight of what really matters. There will be times when they do not recognize stuff as just materialistic items. Having to live in a different setting will help children recognize what they have and allow them to gain a deeper appreciation for their belongings and surroundings.

Social Skills

Participating in summer camp will help your child gain social intelligence by having the opportunity to develop and reinforce social skills. While they may be out of their comfort zone, they will learn how to adapt and their personality will also blossom.

Make Friends

Some of your child's best friends will be met at summer camp. Kids will have the opportunity to bond on a different level that the school environment doesn't provide the platform for.

Unfold Their Individuality

Getting away will help your kids learn about themselves by finding ways to identify who they are and what interests them. Not only will they have a chance to explore their likes and dislikes, but they also be given the opportunity to reinvent themselves.