Listen to someone. Everyone wants to talk about themselves, their own stuff. But someone with trouble and worries needs somebody to listen and to care. You can be an angel on earth just by taking time with someone, and really giving them your undivided attention, just listening.


Make a donation of any kind. You can donate food, clothing, or your time – offer to drive someone who doesn’t have a car to and from the doctors or the grocery.


Small things matter a lot. You can be an angel on earth just by remembering to say, “Thank you,” or putting your heart into a smile and giving it to someone.


Americans tend to want to be first. You can be an angel on earth by letting someone else ahead of you on line. Another person’s plane might be leaving before yours – you can let them go ahead of you through the security check. Another person may be older, or not as healthy as you – you can give them your spot in the bank line or the package pick-up line at the post office. Helping another person this way makes it easier to practice patience when the line is long and we have to wait.


If someone is selling raffle tickets in a fund-raiser for a good cause, buy a couple of tickets even if the prize isn’t something that you want. Buy the tickets and give them to someone else – that way you’re giving twice!


Practice forgiveness. It’s hard! I know this from experience. But you can start with a small thing, something impersonal – maybe forgiving the person who threw some trash on the ground. Just pick it up yourself and throw it out without cursing out the jerk who did it. Instead, mentally send a message of forgiveness their way. Then graduate, if you can, to forgiving when there’s more personal investment – forgive someone who actually did something to you, or to someone you care about. Try to set them a better example to follow with your own behavior. That’s being an angel on earth.


If you have an older neighbor who isn’t able to tend their own yard – raking leaves or shoveling snow or keeping the grass mowed, offer them a hand from time to time. Help them get their walks or driveway cleared, do a little raking for them when you’re doing your own yard. Or send your kid over to help them out with the mowing. You can give your kid a special treat for being such a “good Joe” – or maybe he or she just wants to be an angel on earth, too.


Try to be fair. Don’t rush to judgment and don’t call names. Don’t be the person to fan the flames – try to be the one who soothes hurt feelings and cools things down. That’s the earth angel way.

Get To Know Each Other

Men, be a gentleman to the ladies, and women, be a lady to the gentlemen. And keep your hands to yourself, unless invited. (ha ha!)


Say a prayer to God, thanking Him for all the blessings we too often take for granted. And while you’re talking to God, say a prayer for a stranger, or even for someone you simply don’t like.

The "L" Word

Tell someone you love that you love them, and that you are very happy that they are in your life!